Sassy Girls Club: Atlanta
Format Reality
Created by Jonathan Murray
No. of episodes 13
Preceded by Sassy Girls Club: Cancun

Sassy Girls Club: Atlanta is The 14th Season of the Sassy Girls Club Th Season is Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

Fan Base

Girl's Amount of Fans
Tavia 63,821 Fans Has Stopped
Cassie 24,044 Fans Has Stopped
Brittany 68,821 Fans Has Stopped
Honesty 65,732
Chloe 44,321 Fans Has Stopped
Lindsay 12,543 Fans Has Stopped
Mikayla 56,432
Penny 9,723 Fans Has Stopped
Stella 101,832
Chrystal 25,732
Stephanie 25,553
Kylina 17,932
Mona 12,743

How Long They Were in The House

Girls How Long They Were In The House
Cassie5 Weeks
Honesty12 Weeks
Lindsay2 Weeks
Tavia6 Weeks
Chloe10 Weeks
Brittany8 Weeks
Mikayla12 Weeks
Penny2 Days
Stella9 Weeks
Chrystal7 Weeks
Stephanie6 Weeks
Kylina4 Weeks
Mona2 Weeks


The Sassy Girls Cub Takes Seven individual Self-proclaim "Sassy girls" Who have serious anger problems who move into A Luxurious Bachelor Pad in Los Angeles who Are Dealt With numerous Camera crew who films every minute of the Girls Personal Life And Relationships And their fights With Each Other.

Sassy Girls Skin Age Hometown "Sassy Girl" nickname
Brittany Simpermen White 23 Staten Island, New York "The Ride-or-Die Blondie"
Honesty Carter  Mixed 25 Los Angeles, California "The Cali Twister"
Lindsay Pacino White 22 Denver, Colorado "The Girl Next Door"
Cassandra "Cassie" Graver Mixed 22 New Orleans, Louisiana "The New Orleans Spice"
Mikayla Clentmen Black 21 Montgomery, Alabama "The Gorgeous Southern Belle"
Chloe Siler White 24 Cumberland County, New Jersey "The Destructive Rebel"
Octavia "Tavia" Jones Black 24 St. Louis, Missouri "The Most Wanted Queen B"

Replacement Sassy Girls

In Each season of the Sassy Girls Club one or more girls will be asked to leave the house either from violence Physical fighting or will Leave On their Own accord which then gives the producers a Chance at a new "Sassy Girl" who Arrives to the house in A Day or Two to replace the fellow Bad girl.

Name Skin Age Hometown "Sassy Girl" Nickname Replaced
Penelope "Penny" Grizia White 21 Nashville, Tennessee "The Tennessee Talker" Lindsay
Estella "Stella" Cornet Mixed 23 New York City, New York "The NYC Drama Vixen" Penny
Chrystal Glauhoe Mixed 21 Atlanta, Georgia "The ATL 2-Step" Cassie
Stephanie Willian White 24 Washington, D.C. "The Sassy Follower" Tavia
Kylina Frede Black 22 Brooklyn, New York "The Baddie Behavior" Brittany
Mona Asnycer White 24 Orlando, Florida "The Florida Princess" Chloe

Duration of Cast

Sassy Girls Season 14 Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13
Honesty Honesty Honesty Honesty Honesty Honesty Honesty Honesty Honesty Honesty Honesty Honesty Honesty Honesty
Mikayla Mikayla Mikayla Mikayla Mikayla Mikayla Mikayla Mikayla Mikayla Mikayla Mikayla Mikayla Mikayla Mikayla
Estella Estella Estella Estella Estella Estella Estella Estella Estella
Chrystal Chrystal Chrystal Chrystal Chrystal Chrystal Chrystal
Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie
Kylina Kylina Kylina Kylina Kylina
Mona Mona Mona Mona
Chloe Chloe Chloe Chloe Chloe Chloe Chloe Chloe Chloe Chloe Chloe Chloe
Brittany Brittany Brittany Brittany Brittany Brittany Brittany Brittany Brittany Brittany
Octavia Octavia Octavia Octavia Octavia Octavia Octavia Octavia Octavia
Cassandra Cassandra Cassandra Cassandra Cassandra Cassandra Cassandra Cassandra
Penelope Penelope Penelope
Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay


Episode Number #

The Episode Title Directed
1 "Hit Slap Hit Repeat" Jonathan, Murray
This season starts off with The season fight Between Stella Vs Tavia. Then The Season Starts with 7 new Sassy girls who See what Atlanta Has in Store For Them and everyone Meets Up and seems to Be Getting along and everyone goes Out and Hits The Clubs of Atlanta and Have a Great Time and When everyone gets back in The House They Keep The Party Going But Lindsay and Brittany start to Get into over A Closet Space and Brittany Doesn't Argue Over Petty Shit But Lindsay Just Keeps Testing Brittany and Brittany Just is Over this Hoe so Brittany Just Decked Her Right in The Chin Knocking her ass To The Floor and Lindsay Starts Kicking and and Brittany grabs Her Legs and Drags her and Security Breaks It up and. Later Cassie Honesty Start to Think That Chloe is a Little Strange when she Starts Talking to The Wall and Mikayla Tries to call Them out and Cassie and Mikayla start Arguing and Cassie Slaps Mikayla and Mikayla grabs her Hair and Cassie Starts Punching her and Mikayla Starts Uppercutting ehr and Honesty and Security Broke The fight up. and Brittany and Tavia start to Bond.
2 "Sweet Home AlaBAMa" Jonathan, Murray
The Life Coach Debra Comes to The House and Lindsay Has a Breakdown in her session when she Starts to talk about Her Past with her Parents. Later after The ladies Come Back in From a Night of partying Mikayla Finds Out That Honesty was Talking Crap about her Pulling her dress Up in The Club so Mikayla goes to The Phone Room and start Arguing with Honesty and Honesty Just Drops The Phone and Punches Mikayla in The Face and Mikayla grabs her Hair and Honesty Slings her Little ass To The ground and Starts Punching her in the Head and Security breaks the fight up.
3 "Bitch Talk Talk" Jonathan, Murray
Lindsay Decides To leave The House because she Feels That Living with These Girls are Not going to help her Change There Going to make her worst. Later Tavia Really wants to see What Chloe is all about and Chloe Thinks That Tavia is Trying to Fuck with Her so Chloe Decides to Stand Her Ground and start Getting a Little Tough with Tavia and They start Arguing and Tavia Just Punches Chloe in The Face and Chloe gets Tavia in a Headlock and Chloe falls and Tavia Gets on Top and Starts Pounding her in the Head and Honesty and Brittany breaks The fight up. Later Cassie Invites her Boyfriend Over and They Hangout and Mikayla Feels That Cassie Needs to Go Home.
Note:      Lindsay voluntarily leaves the house.
4 "Bullies Not The Word" Jonathan, Murray
The New Girl Penny Comes to The House and she is Ready to get to Know Her Roommates But Honesty and Brittany and Tavia Could really Careless about Penny and Cassie shows her around The House and Chloe and Mikayla Try to warn penny That Bitches in The House are Bullies so when Everyone Goes out to The Club and Have a great Time When They get Back in The Limo Penny is Drunk and says "I BETTER KEEP SILENT SO I WONT GET BULLIED" and Brittany and Honesty and Tavia and Cassie Look at her Like she is Stupid so Brittany calls her out on what Would Make her say That and Pretty Soon Brittany and Tavia and Honesty are all Yelling and Screaming at penny and Penny freaks Out and Starts Crying and Begs to get out The Limo so when everyone gets back to The House Brittany is Feeling Some Type of way about Penny and Brittany gets in her Face and Penny tries to Explain her self and Tavia Just Tells Brittany To Leave penny Weak ass Alone.
Note(s):     Penny becomes a replacement.
5 "I'm Out This Crib" Jonathan, Murray
Debra Gets penny to Open up to Her about How The Girls Treat her in The House. Later Penny and Chloe start Talking in There Confessional about Honesty and Brittany and Tavia so Brittany Goes in There and Just Decks Penny in The Face and Penny Starts Kicking and Brittany grabs her hair and Starts Punching her and penny Screams "AHH CHLOE HELP ME" and Security Runs and Breaks The fight up and Penny Realizes That she cant deal with The Sassy Girls Club and she Leaves.
Note:      Penny voluntarily leaves the house.
6 "That's My Bitch" Jonathan, Murray
A new Girl Stella Comes to The House and Right away she Doesn't Vibe with Tavia and Stella Starts talking Shit to Honesty about Tavia and Honesty lets her Bitch Tavia Know what Stella was Saying and Tavia Checks her real fast and They Start Arguing and Tavia grabs her Hair and Throws Her into The Flowers and starts Pounding Her in The Face and Stella was Holding her Hair and Security broke The fight up. Later Chloe and Cassie participate in a Strip dance number in The Club.
Note(s):     Stella becomes a replacement.
7 "Be Honesty With Me" Jonathan, Murray
Stella Invites Her Older sister to The House to Try to Scare Tavia. later Honesty Feels That Mikayla is Just a waste of Space in The House and Honesty Throws Mikayla mattress in The Pool and Mikayla Runs in Hits Honesty while By The Pool and Honesty Grabs Her Hair and The Slip into The Bushes and Honesty Starts Pounding her in the face and Security Grabs Honesty and Mikayla Starts Pounding Honesty in The Head and Honesty Kicks her in the legs. Later Brittany and Chloe start to Argue Over Chloe always talking shit Behind peoples Back and Brittany Just Pops her in The face and Chloe Swings Back But Brittany grabbed Her Hair and Yanked Her to The Floor and started Pounding her in the Top of The Head and Security Broke The fight up. Later Cassie Decides to To Leave The House Because she feels That Its More Important Shit in The world Then Arguing and Fighting Girls over Petty shit.
Note:      Cassie voluntarily leaves the house.
8 "Blow-Ups Blow-Outs" Jonathan, Murray
The New Girl Chrystal Comes to The House and she Gets along really good with Honesty and Brittany and Tavia and she Butts Heads with Mikayla already. later Stella decides to Put her Master Plan in action she decides to Pee in Tavia Tooth paste and Put Mud in all her High heels and Tavia Finds out and she is Pissed and she Runs and Punches Stella in The Mouth Knocking her to The Floor and she starts Bashing ehr head in The Floor and Security Pulls her off and Stella Lip is Bleeding and Tavia Gets Loose and she Starts Punching Stella in The Eye's and Stella Fell to The Floor But she Grabbed tavia Hair and tavia is Just Decking Stella all up in The face and Head and Security Pulled her off and The Production Decided to Send Tavia Home for The fight. Later Mikayla and Chloe Take Stella to The Emergency Room because she has a Bad Headache from The fight.
Note(s):      Tavia is removed from the house.
Note(s):     Chrystal becomes a replacement.
9 "I Know I'm BAD" Jonathan, Murray
A New Girl Stephanie comes to The House and she Forms a Bond with Mikayla and They start to Leave Chloe out. Later Debra is Very Upset at The Girls for all the Fighting That They Have Been Doing in The House and she Tries to get Them to Talk Things out and Not Fight. Later Chrystal and and Brittany start to get into it with Stella and Stella says 'IF YOU BAD YOU WOULD HIT ME" and Brittany Just Decked Stella in her Face and Stella started Swinging but she was Missing all Her Hits and Brittany Grabbed her Hair and Threw her to the Floor and started Punching the shit out of her Head and Security Pulled her off and they Decided to Send Brittany Home for The fight.
Note(s):     Stephanie becomes a replacement.
Note(s):      Brittany is removed from the house.
10 "Wassup Newbie" Jonathan, Murray
Yet Another New Face Kylina Comes to The House and she Starts off Butting Heads with Chrystal Right away and Honesty Decides to Add some Fuel to There Fight ad she Cheer's Chrystal on and Kylina Just Punches Chrystal in The Face and Chrystal grabs Her Head and Starts Holding Down and Pounding her in The Top of The Head and Kylina starts Uppercutting her and Security Breaks the fight up. later Stephanie and Mikayla See That Honesty is a Drama starter and They Try to call her Out on it and Honesty says 'BOTH YALL HOES BETTER CHILL OUT BEFORE I WHOOP BOTH YALL ASSES".
Note(s):     Kylina becomes a replacement.
11 "All That jAZZ" Jonathan, Murray
Chloe Decides to Leave The House when She Finds out That Her Little sister Needs her so she Leaves and Stella Thinks That Chloe did The Right Choice By Going to be with her Little sister. Later The New Girl Mona Comes to The House and she seems Like Fun and all The ladies Enters a Twerk Contest and it Seems That There all getting along Pretty good For Now. Later Debra Thinks That Kylina is so Angry Because of Her being The Youngest in her Family.
Note:      Chloe voluntarily leaves the house.
Note(s):     Mona becomes a replacement.
12 "House Meeting" Jonathan, Murray
 Mikayla Calls a House Meeting to Try to Get Honesty Voted out The House and Only Stella and Stephanie Back her up and Honesty Just Loses it she start Arguing with Mikayla and Honesty Just Goes of and Punches Mikayla in The face and Mikyala grabs her Hair and Starts Swinging and Honesty Throws her to The Ground and starts Punching her and Stella Tried to grab Honesty and Chrystal ran up and Pushes Stella ass back real fast and Security Broke The fight up. Later Mona Thinks That Stephanie is Just a Follower.  
13 "Step To This" Jonathan, Murray
The Ladies Gather Up For There Photo Shoot and They have some Fun. Later when they get back to The House Stephanie calls Mona out and they start Arguing and Stephanie Punches Mona in The face and Grabs Her Hair and They fall and Stephanie gets On Top and Mona Flipped ehr ass Over real fast and started Punching her and Security Broke The fight up. Later its The Finale days in The House and Debra Tells The Girls They have Changed and she is so happy That she helped and everyone says There Goodbyes and Honesty and Mikayla Get 6 Thousand Dollars a Piece for being The Only Girls to Make it The Entire 3 months.
14 "Reunion — Part 1" Jonathan, Murray
Sassy Girl Natalia Richlee Host a 4 Part Reunion Special The Finale Ladies in The House Mikayla and Honesty and Mona and Stephanie and Stella and Chrystal and Kylina all Come Out on The Stage and Tempers Fly when Honesty calls Mikayla Out for being a Hater and They start Arguing and Honesty ran and Punched Mikayla in The Face and Mikayla grabbed her Hair and Honesty was Pounding her in the Head and Security Broke The fight up. later Stephanie and Mona start to Argue and Mona Threw a shoe at Stephanie and Stephanie Got and Mona Kicked and Security Pulled Them apart. 
15 "Reunion — Part 2" Jonathan, Murray
Chloe Comes out to The Stage and she says That she Doesn't Have any Beef with anybody But she feels That Mikayla was a fake Friend to her. Later Brittany Comes out to The Stage and she Starts Arguing with Stella and Stella Sister Tries to Talk shit and Brittany Jumped in the crowd and Grabbed Stella Sister Hair and started Punching her and Stella ran out There and Brittany Cracked Stella in The Jaw and Security Broke The fight up.
16 "Reunion — Part 3" Jonathan, Murray
Tavia Comes out to The Stage and she starts Arguing with Stella and Her sister and Tavia Just Decked Stella in The Face and Stella grabbed Her Hair and Tavia Tossed her ass Across The Stage and Stella sister Ran up on The Stage and Brittany Choked Her ass To The Ground and Security Broke The fights up and Stella Keeps Talking and Tavia Just Ran Up and Grabbed Her Hair and Body Slammed Her and Stella Ankle was Hurt and The Ambulance was called and Stella and Her sister Left The Reunion with The Ambulance.
17 "Reunion — Part 4" Jonathan, Murray
Cassie comes out and she Says That she Couldn't deal with The House But she Has a Surprise she is Pregnant. Later Penny Comes out and she Has a Note saying if anyone Touches her she is Suing Them and Tavia and Brittany start Arguing with her. Later Lindsay Comes out and Brittany Doesn't even Let her sit Down she Just Punches her right in The face and Lindsay Starts Swinging and Security Breaks The fight up. later Natalia shows The Trailer for The Next season back in New York.