Feisty Girls Club (Season 18)

Format Reality
No. of episodes 10
Running time 60 minutes
Original airing Tuesdays
Preceded by Feisty Girls Club: Twinning

Feisty Girls Club (Season 18) is The 18th Season of the Feisty Girls Club Th Season is Filmed in Los Angeles, California.

Teaser Words

Knock a Bitch out or Two Cause Season 18 is Knocking for you.

Fan Base

Girl Amount of Fans
Linelle 41,643
Abbi 68,564
Josy 42,132
Kandi 23,653 Fans Has stopped
Jenn 40,532
Nicole 14,721 Fans Has stopped
Viky 23,454
Trixie 43,432 Fans Has stopped
Crimson 12,645 Fans Has stopped
Dawnesha 32,723


Feisty Girl Skin Color Age Hometown "Feisty Girl" nickname
Abigail "Abbi" Harkins White 25 Key West, Florida "The Beachy-Bad-Ass"
Kandi Rochelle Mixed 21 Brooklyn, New York "The Hands-Up Scrapper"
Josephine "Josy" Jumpstain White 26 Queens, New York "The Run-It New Yorker"
Jenniffer "Jenn" Kordes Black 24 Houston, Texas "The Houston Hot-Mess"
Nicole Rhamer White 22 Las Vegas, Nevada "The Vegas Vixen"
Viky Hasiamore White 26 Worcester, Massachusetts "The Massachusetts Mobile"
Linelle Davis Black 26 Chicago, Illinois "The Middle-Finger"


Feisty Girls Names Skin Color Age Hometown "Feisty Girls" nickname "Replaced"
Trixie Wize White 23 Sacramento, California "The Called Out Diva" Kandi
Crimson Ballet White 24 Fayetteville, Georgia "The Doesn't Matter-Fun" Nicole
Dawnesha Greenery Black 22 Crenshaw, Los Angeles "The Hitting Doll" Crimson

Duration of The Cast

Feisty Names Season 18 Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10
Linelle Linelle Linelle Linelle Linelle Linelle Linelle Linelle Linelle Linelle Linelle
Josephine Josephine Josephine Josephine Josephine Josephine Josephine Josephine Josephine Josephine Josephine
Viky Viky Viky Viky Viky Viky Viky Viky Viky Viky Viky
Abigail Abigail Abigail Abigail Abigail Abigail Abigail Abigail Abigail Abigail Abigail
Jenniffer Jenniffer Jenniffer Jenniffer Jenniffer Jenniffer Jenniffer Jenniffer Jenniffer Jenniffer Jenniffer
Dawnesha Dawnesha Dawnesha Dawnesha Dawnesha
Trixie Trixie Trixie Trixie Trixie Trixie Trixie
Crimson Crimson Crimson
Nicole Nicole Nicole Nicole Nicole
Kandi Kandi Kandi Kandi


Episode Number #

The Episode Title
1 "Mouthy Deckings"
This season Opens up with The Opening fight of Linelle and Josy and Jenn and Trixie vs Abbi. Then The season starts with 7 Feisty Girls who are Ready to Make Things Lit This season. Later after all The Girls Meet up with each other Abbi seems to be Annoying and Running Her Mouth to much and Kandi and Josy Got That new Yorker Swag and They are Not up for That shit with Abbi and Abbi gets tough with them Both Because she aint scared of Them and Kandi gets in her Face and starts Pushing her and Abbi Pushes her back and Kandi Just Socked her in The Face and Abbi grabbed her Head and started Pulling her Hair and Kandi was Uppercutting her all up in The Grill and Nicole and Jenn broke The fight up and Abbi Just keeps Running Her Mouth and Josy Ties her Hair Up and Punched Abbi and Abbi was Socking This Hoe and Security pulled Them apart and Linelle and Jenn and Viky and Nicole all start arguing with Abbi and Productions sends her to a Hotel for The Night.
2 "So What"
Abbi returns back to The House and doesn't Give a Fuck what No One Thinks about her and Kandi Has Linelle and Jenn and Josy all laughing at Her Talking about Abbi and Abbi Goes to see what The shit Talking is about and she calls out Kandi and They start Arguing again and Kandi Punches Abbi in The Face and Abbi Falls and Kandi starts Pounding her in the Top of The Head and Security Pulled off Kandi and Linelle Just Grabbed Abbi hair and Dragged her across The Floor for Fun because she was Bored. and Viky and Nicole start to Feel bad for Abbi and They Make Peace with her. and The Production gets everyone all fancy for The cast Photo shoot.
3 "Locking Socking Bitches"
Nicole is so Tired of Everyone Picking with Abbi and she Uses her Voice and Linelle Pops off on her ass and Nicole doesn't care and Linelle socked This Hoe in The Face and Nicole Grabs her Hair and Linelle Throws her on The wall and starts Decking her all up in The face and security Tried to split them up But Linelle was Not letting Go Until Nicole Pick hair Extension were out. Later Viky feels like Kandi is a Bully and They go at it and Viky gets in Kandi face saying HIT ME THEN YOU LIKE TO FIGHT HIT ME" and Kandi was just trying to keep cool but Viky kept on so Kandi Punched Her right in The Grill and Viky grabbed her hair and kandi was Going Wild Moving to Fast That Viky didn't get a grip and Kandi was Socking her all up in The face and Head and Security Broke The fight up and The production decided to sent Kandi Home for The fight.
Note(s):     Kandi is removed from the house.
4 "No Talking"
The new Girl Trixie Comes to The House and she Seems to be Cool But she gets a Bad Vibe from Abbi and Abbi doesn't Give a Fuck so after a Night of Partying out at The Club Drunk Jenn starts Talking about Abbi and Abbi defends her name and Trixie starts Arguing with Abbi and Abbi says 'WHO ARE YOU FUCKING NEW GIRL" and Trixie Punches Abbi in The Face and Security Jumps on Them and Abbi was Scratching Trixie. Later Nicole and Linelle get into a Big Argument again and Nicole Just freaks out and is Over This House and she packs her shit and she gets out of The House.
Note(s):     Trixie becomes a Replacement.
Note(s):     Nicole voluntarily leaves the house.
5 "Lovely Swag"
A new face Crimson comes to The House and she is ready to Party and The Girls are Getting Dressed for The Club and crimson say's "WOW YOU GUYS LOOK LIKE RATS HA HA" she was joking and That's when all Hell breaks Loose Josy and Jenn and Linelle seem to Go at her and Crimson is Not Backing down and Josy Just Punches Crimson in The Face and Knocks her down and Josy starts Pounding her in the Top of The Head and Crimson was Bleeding and said "YOU HIT ME FOR SAYING YOUR UGLY THAT'S FUCKING RUDE". later Trixie and Viky Go at it over some Guy in The Club and Trixie Snatches Viky ass up in The V.I.P section letting her Now who is The Boss Bitch.
Note(s):     Crimson becomes a Replacement.
6 "Hitting Back"
Crimson Picks with Linelle and Linelle wants to avoid her ass But Crimson Just wants to Put on a Show and Linelle changes into some Tight Clothes and she Steps to Crimson and Crimson Pushes her and Linelle grabs her Hair and Flips Her over and Slams her to The Floor and Linelle gets on Top and starts Pounding her in the Head and Crimson was Pulling linelle Hair and security Pulled Them apart and Crimson feels like she needs to go home Because this House is Lame and she Leaves. Later Josy and Jenn have a Threesome with this Guy That makes Things Kinda of awkward between them.
Note(s):     Crimson voluntarily leaves the house.
7 "Ghetto Sides"
Another New face Dawnesha comes to The House and she seems to Ghetto That No One Likes her and she is all Turnt up and acting a Fool and Linelle is not feeling that and Dawnesha calls out Linelle for being a Priss and Linelle gets into with her and Jenn Has Her Bitch Back along with Josy and They take on Dawnesha and Dawnesha is drunk so she swings and Hits Linelle and Linelle Grabs her Hair and starts Punching her and Jenn grabs her Hair and security Pulls Them apart and dawnesha is calling her Thugs for these Bitches and Viky tells her to Just relax and Keep herself Calm and Abbi Feels Like she can team up with Dawnesha to beat up The Other Girls and Linelle laughs at Abbi Thinking she can fight.
Note(s):     Dawnesha becomes a Replacement.
8 "The Dawn Ship"
Dawnesha goes after Jenn she grabs Jenn hair and Pulls her to The ground and starts Socking her in the face and security Pulls Them apart. Later The Production decides to send The Ladies on a Trip to Spain to let go of some of The Drama in The House and Dawnesha and Abbi and Viky all embarrasses The Girls By Being Naked for Money.
9 "Fighting Knockers"
Abbi Has been annoying The Other Girls and Linelle The Most and Linelle Just Faces it she needs to beat Abbi ass and she Gets in her Face and They start Arguing and Linelle Pushes Abbi and Abbi Pushes Her Back and They Keep Pushing and Linelle Hits Her in The Face and Abbi starts Swigging and Linelle Backs and Jenn Grabs Abbi hair while security Had Linelle and Jenn starts Pounding Abbi in The Head and Security Pulled Her off and Abbi Swung at Josy and Josy Punched her and Grabbed Her Hair and mad her Fall and Trixie Kicked Abbi in The Head and Abbi Grabbed Her Foot and Pulled Her down and Trixie was Punching her and security Broke it Up and production decided to send Trixie home for Kicking Abbi in The Head and dawnesha and Viky Feel like Abbi is Cool But her Mouth gets her into way to Much Drama.
Note(s):     Trixie is removed from the house.
10 "New Bond"
Its Linelle 27th Birthday and Everyone Puts all there Differences aside to Help her Party and Have some Fun and Josy Feels Like dawnesha is a Cool Girl and Viky doesn't like the Fake shit going on with Josy. later The Ladies pack There bags as They get ready to Leave There mansion.
11 "Reunion Part 1"
Alicia and Aaron Host a 3 Part reunion as The Finale Ladies gather up on The Stage Abbi Argues with Linelle and Linelle Jumps up and Socks Abbi in The face and Abbi Pulls her Hair Extensions out and security pulls Them apart and Jenn starts Twerking on Aaron and Viky Thinks she is Ratchet and They start Arguing and Jenn Socks Viky and Viky Scratched her Arm up.
12 "Reunion Part 2"
Trixie comes out to The Stage and she Just Runs up on Abbi and starts Pounding her in the Face and Security Pulled Her off and Abbi went backstage to Fix her bloody Nose. Later Crimson comes out to The stage and she Hugs Alicia and Aaron and she say's HELLO UGLY HOES" and she walks to her seat Linelle just Runs up and starts Punching her in the Face and Security pulled her off and Crimson say's 'WOW YOUR STILL GHETTO AFTER THESE 5 MONTHS" and Crimson seems to argue with everyone even Dawnesha and Crimson tells Dawnesha 'YOU SHOULD THANK ME FOR LETTING YOU HAVE ME SPOT IN THE HOUSE BROKY" and Dawnesha jumps up and Punches Crimson in The face and Crimson grabs her Hair and security Tries to Pull Them apart.
13 "Reunion Part 3"
Nicole comes out to The Stage and she is Just Over it she argues with Linelle But Nicole walks off stage because this is Pointless to her. Later Kandi comes out to The Stage and she goes at Viky and Jumps on The Chair and starts Pounding Viky in The Head and Viky was Swinging But Missing and security pulled Them apart and The Trailer for Season 19 Angry Sisters is shown and The Crowd is shocked because The Season is so LIT!!!.