Feelings & Hip Hop: New York
Genre Reality television
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 12
Location(s) New York City, New York
Running time 60 minutes
Original run September 10, 2018 – present
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Feelings & Hip Hop: New York Is a reality TV series That Focuses on the Love Life and hard times and Great Times That Certain Couples and Friends and Family members go threw. The series Takes Placed and is Filmed in many Parts of New York City, New York.

Cast membersEdit

Cast Member Ages Seasons
Tommie Earls 22 Main
Monay 21 Main
Elisha Stone 26 Main
Gazelle 26 Main
Queenie 23 Main
Nyemiah 24 Main

Main CastEdit

  • Tommie Earls (Season 1–present) Harlem street raised Tommie is a Tough Girl who comes form a Bad Background so she Likes expensive Things because she never to Them growing Up she got her First Star a Fame from The Boss Girls Club where she was a original in season 12 she is dating Music Producer Chase who produced Hits for Big talents in New York.
  • Monay (Season 1–present) She is a Video Girl who Has been in Music Videos for Chris Brown, Migos, Moneybagg Yo and The List Goes on and she is Tired of being Known as Just a video Vixen shaking her ass she wants to be Known for More Then that she Has a talent for singing and she wants to make her starts in The Music world as The Talent this Time.
  • Elisha Stone (Season 1–present) She is The Wife of Z-Stone and Co-Founder of Stone-Records with her Husband They are a Team nothing Happens Musically without Elisha Knowing about it she Has No problem Crushes Dreams of Little Bitches who come for her or try to sleep with her Husband They have a 2 year old Son.
  • Gazelle (Season 1–present) She is a sexy Latin singer from Mexico Her Family moved to america when she was 4 years old she Loved the sexy Dance Music and she has made a career for herself of Latin and sexy music she is always rumored to be sleeping with someone But she never does she is tired of being labeled a Hoe just because she looks so Good.
  • Queenie (Season 1–present) She is The Baby Momma of Rapper Daddy-J They have a 3 Year old Daughter and a 1 year old Son together They are not together at all But Queenie Has a Problem with Daddy-J letting New Bitches in His Life disrespect her Queenie is a Rapper also But being a Mother is More Important to her.
  • Nyemiah (Season 1–present) She is a Rapper who songs Usually Chart she is always Thinking about Her bag she doesn't care what Yo problem is she aint with the Talking if its not about Money Then get out of her way she Looks to Nicki Minaj as her inspiration she is also from Queens, New York. she gets her Money on her own she doesn't need to mess with a Dude for her success.

Supporting CastEdit

  • Pumpkin She is a rapper who is Signed to Z-Stone and Elisha Label Pumpkin is very Wild and Spunky she is always Fighting Girls in Clubs she Just got Over a drug Case because she uses to be in The Street Game but her career is The most Important thing to her.
  • Chase He is a Music Producer who is Dating Tommie Chase makes Hits with anyone he is very talented and He has a Great Style he has dread-Locks down to His Back he comes from a past of him being a Player but he changed Those ways when he Met Tommie.
  • Z-Stone He is a Record Label Owner with his Wife Elisha They have riding with each Other since High school he likes to Make music and make People famous although he is Married The temptations of Other Females Might Be The Bets of Him.
  • Kiara She is a Stripper and bartender who is struggling trying to get her Music career off The ground and support her 3 Kids.
  • Wynter She is a Thick Fake Boob and Fake Butt sexy Singer who is Trying to get into The Music Scene doesn't Matter who she Has to Sleep with she is going to be a Star she is Dating Daddy-J she Fights with Queenie all of The time.
  • Daddy-J He is a Rapper who is all about Girls and Money his Music is His Life he Needs to Make it on Top because he Came from Nothing he doesn't want to be broke again He Has 2 Kids with Queenie a Daughter and a Son

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally Aired
Season premiere Season finale Reunion
1 10 September 10, 2018 November 19, 2018 November 26, 2018
December 3, 2018

Season 1 (2018)Edit

No. in
No. in
Episode title Original air date Viewers
1 1 "New York is Where The Music is" September 10, 2018 1.96
Music Producer Chase is having a Grand Music Opening In New York and He Invites talents There to showcase and His Girl Tommie decides to become The Decorator and Planner of The Event Because she Knows How to Bring The Money in and Tommie gets her Friends Nyemiah and Kiara to Perform and They agree and Z-Stone and his Wife Elisha wants Chase and Tommie to Put There artist Pumpkin in The show and Tommie doesn't know about That because Nyemiah and Pumpkin hate each Other But This is about Music Not Drama so they add Her in and everyone is Invited to This show and Gazelle Opens The show with her sexy Latin music and Monay and artist That Chase was Producing a Song for Hits The stage and Tommie is Pissed because she Told chase to stay away from That groupie hoe Monay and Queenie is There to support her Bitch Nyemiah and she kills The stage until Pumpkin comes out getting The Crowd rowdy with her Lyrics and after the show Chase and Tommie Has to Crown a Winner and Z-Stone and Elisha tries to Persuade Them to have Pumpkin win But Tommie Knows her Bitch Nyemiah was The Best so They Tie it Up for a round 2 and Pumpkin and Nyemiah run into each Other and words are said and Pumpkin takes her Shoes off Throws it at Nyemiah and Hits her in The Head and Nyemiah Starts Swinging in The Crowd and security Breaks it Up and Queenie See's her baby Daddy daddy-J Over in The Corner with That Hoe Wynter so she goes to Check him about Missing There daughter little talent show and Wynter gets involved and Queenie tells Him to shut That Hoe Up and Wynter stand sup and Queenie loses it and Punches her in the face and They have each Other Hair and security Pulls Them apart and Queenie Says "WELCOME TO NEW YORK SIS"
2 2 "Don't Poke The Pumpkin" September 17, 2018 1.72
Pumpkin just got bailed out of prison because she was out in the Streets fighting and Z-Stone and Elisha don't know how more of This They can take of Pumpkin not Taking her career serious with all This fighting and Pumpkin feels like everyone always comes for her First Nyemiah was in the studio talking to Elisha and Z-Stone about a song and Pumpkin got Pissed and started Lashing out at Nyemiah and Nyemiah don't have time for this she gets up to leave and Pumpkin just charges her and Nyemiah snatched her wig and security pulled them apart. Later Queenie Invites Tommie and Gazelle to a wine tasting for her new Wine Collection and Out of Nowhere here comes Wynter and Monay and Tommie and Monay starts Arguing and Monay Throws her shoe at Tommie and Tommie reaches over the table and Lifts her lace and Queenie just Popped Wynter one good time and Gazelle thinks This is so messy but she got her Girl Queenie back and she is just getting to now Tommie But she has her back to.
3 3 "Lying Your Flying" September 24, 2018 1.55
Elisha Thinks that she can take Queenie and gazelle careers to The Top and she wants To have a meeting with Them and she Books Them a showcase in a Big Event and when the Girls get there its ratchet and corny and gazelle will not be around This Mess she values herself to much and she walks out before she can perform and Elisha starts arguing with her and Elisha Throws a drink at her and Gazelle tries to swing But Security is There and Queenie preforms and Elisha tells her its terrible and They start Arguing and Queenie is reading Elisha and Elisha gets a sneak Hit and Queenie tries to rip that stage up to get to Her. later Tommie and Chase Talk about Getting married and having kids and Chase says he is Just not ready for That at This Moment and That Pisses Tommie off and she Throws his shit off The Porch and Kicks Him out The House. Later Nyemiah starts dating this Guy and she Finds out that he is Pumpkin ex and Pumpkin messes up there date as she tries to fight Nyemiah and Monay is trying her best to get that 1 hit to Pull her to the top of the charts.
4 4 "F@uck Your Feelings" October 1, 2018 1.69
Kiara is just grinding and struggling to get her Music off the ground for her kids and her herself and she has a meeting with Chase and Z-Stone to see what they can do for her and They both really like her Music but when Elisha and Tommie comes in and see her in there with there men they feel some type of way and Kiara tells them its Just Business because she was twerking because she is happy she is about to be in the studio and Elisha swings at her and Kiara grabs her wig off and Tommie splashes a drink right in her face and Chase and Z-Stone Broke that shit up and Kiara is Scared she messed her chance up to be in the studio with the guys. Later Wynter has a Sit down with gazelle and Monay about a song for the three of Them and Wynter is bashing Queenie The whole time and Gazelle decide sot walk out because she doesn't want to hear them talking shit about her friend Queenie and Wynter gets Upset and starts calling Gazelle names and Gazelle argues back and Wynter throws her smoothie in gazelle face and Gazelle throws a chair at her and Monay feels They were both out of pocket.
5 5 "I'M the Queenie Bitch" October 8, 2018 1.56
Queenie Tells Daddy-J to Get Wynter to Keep her Name out of her Mouth and he doesn't believe Wynter was even Talking shit about her and Queenie Has had it with him always Thinking That Wynter is This angel so Queenie decides to serve Him with custody paper where he cant see his kids because of Wynter and That sends daddy-J and Wynter into a Rage. Later Elisha wants to Meet with Gazelle and discuss There little problem They had last Time and Elisha just starts Disrespecting Gazelle all over and Gazelle reaches over the table and Yanks Elisha hair and Elisha gets like 2 Punches in on gazelle Head before security pulled Them apart. Pumpkin Pops up at a Fashion Show That Tommie and Nyemiah was Hosting and she starts problems and They ask security to get her out and Pumpkin Throws her shoe at Nyemiah and Nyemiah rushes towards her and security stops her But Tommie Jumps on security back and Got Pumpkin right in The eye.
6 6 "Child Please" October 22, 2018 1.4
Queenie is Tired of being Looked at as the bad guy so she decides since Daddy-J wont put Wynter in her place Qyueenie decide sot file a Custody order for the kids and let Daddy-J give up his rights and daddy-J is pissed about this and Queenie knows she will win the case because he has all kinds of drug charges on him already and Chase and Z-Stone all feels that Queenie is wrong for this and Tommie and Nyemiah and gazelle thinks its for the best because Queenie is the Mother and daddy-J is Trash. Later Monay and Kiara and Pumpkin are all put in a Showcase by Elisha and They all fight for the spotlight and it just messes up the whole show.
7 7 "She Running Up" October 29, 2018 1.5
Chase Has his own music Out and his New song is Hitting The Charts and he is Making a music video for it and Monay is one of The Video girls in The music Video and Tommie is Pissed about That because she told Chase she didn't want That THOT Monay anywhere near the Video and she Bust in on set and starts Arguing with Chase and Monay and Monay is in her Underwear shaking her ass at Tommie and Tommie slides under Chase and Jumps on The Bed and Punches Monay in The Face Monay grabs Her Hair and Security Tackles them off The Bad and Tommie is on Top and security and Chase pull her off. Later Z-Stone wants Elisha to apologize to Gazelle and Queenie because he wants them on there Label and Elisha tries to be the Bigger Person But it Leads To her throwing drinks at Them. Nyemiah gets some heart breaking news about her dad.
8 8 "Get That Wig" November 5, 2018 1.6
Nyemiah and her family are just still getting into grasp with her Father being diagnosed with Cancer and she has been sad and Tommie and Queenie and Gazelle decides to invite her down to Miami with them to have some fun and lift her spirits and Nyemiah Is so happy her girls are there for her and while down there Elisha and Monay and Pumpkin are there for Monay and Pumpkin show and Tommie decides to be messy and the girls go to the show and Pumpkin is pissed and Tommie and Monay starts arguing and Nyemiah and Pumpkin go at it and Nyemiah Jumps on the stage and snatches Pumpkin orange wig and Pumpkin starts socking her and Nyemiah kicked her ass in the face and Monay and Tommie couldn't get to each other.
9 9 "Rock With Me Hoe" November 12, 2018 1.7
Wynter has had enough of Queenie going around Trashing her name and saying she is this and that and she wants to put to rest for once so she see's on Instagram that Queenie was Tommie and Chase Love celebration Party so she Pops up and stands on the Other side of the table and calls out Queenie and They start Arguing and Wynter Throws food and ice at Queenie and Queenie Jumps on The Table and Security grabbed her and Wynter was able to Pull her hair and get a few Punches in because of the way she was standing and gazelle loves her some Queenie and That is not flying she runs up behind Wynter and drags her lace off as security gets involved. Later Chase ask Tommie to marry Him and she says yes. Pumpkin is in trouble with Elisha she is tired of hearing and seeing that pumpkin keeps fighting and Elisha Puts Pumpkin on probation from The music label until she gets her act together and Monay thinks That she just may have found her way to the top as she starts dating big Rapper and producer.
10 10 "Custody Battle" November 19, 2018 1.8
Queenie and daddy-J head to court for the custody of There Kids and Queenie wins full custody of The Kids and daddy-J can only see them when she lets him or allows him to and he is pissed off and that sends him in a rage and he bust Queenie Home windows out and she has him arrested and That could Not have him see his kids for a while. Meanwhile Tommie starts planning her big lavish wedding but when she see's chase on Instagram dancing with some Thots there engagement might take a turn for the worst. Gazelle Signs with a Big label to release her New Album as she is set to Tour in Dubai for her new music. Elisha and Z-Stone still trying to make there Label and business and marriage all work as one and Monay and her new man Melvin are showing the definition of black love he is buying her the world and she loves it and Nyemiah and Pumpkin Has one finale showdown at the Coffee shop They were going to meet with each other to have a sit down but Things got ugly once Pumpkin started hitting below the Belt and Nyemiah Threw her drink in her face and Pumpkin punches her in the chin and Nyemiah garbs her hair and security gets on them and breaks them up. later Queenie is out with Tommie and Gazelle and Nyemiah and Wynter rolls up on Them and she tries to fight Gazelle and she throws drinks at Tommie and Queenie.
11 11 "Reunion Part 1" November 26, 2018 1.9
The cast of Feelings in Hip Hop: New York season 1 gathers up on The stage and thing are anything but Pleasant Elisha expresses that she feels that gazelle is jealous of her career with her husband and that's why she always wants to come for her and gazelle feels that Elisha is the one always coming for her and Z-Stone gets involved and says Gazelle Pussy has been all over the Industry with her label she fucks everybody and Gazelle Throws her shoe at him and Elisha Jumps up trying to fight her and Security is all in the way. Queenie Talks about her situation with Daddy-J and There kids and he Breaks down Crying because its been Months since he has seen his Kids and Queenie doesn't want to see him like That but he will respect her as there Mother and Wynter Queenie exchange words on the stage and Tommie enters the argument and Wynter tells her to run up and Tommie Jumps up and tries to get to her and Monay and Tommie argue about her being a THOT and Monay reveals her Man Melvin Proposed to her and Bought her a Bentley truck and Pumpkin feels That its time to end things with Nyemiah and she suggest a hug and They both stand up and Pumpkin punches Nyemiah and Nyemiah gabs her hair and security pulls them apart and everyone feels pumpkin is weak for sneaking Nyemiah.
12 12 "Reunion Part 2" December 3, 2018 2.1
Nyemiah feels like Pumpkin is weak and irreverent and Pumpkin is sent out of The reunion as Elisha and Z-Stone are disappointed in her as an artist and Kiara Talks about how Tommie was stopping her bag she was never trying to fuck chase she was trying to make a living for her kids and Tommie could care Less and Kiara tries to run up and Tommie Throws a Bottle at her and Wynter wants to just lay Things out with Queenie and apologize for over stepping her boundaries but at the same time Wynter pulls out a phone conversation from Queenie to another friend saying That Daddy-J will Never see his kids if he is with Wynter and Queenie says the text are fake and Queenie charges her and Wynter pops up but security yanks Them both and Gazelle Jumps and Yanks Wynter Ponytail from behind The Coach and security pulls Them apart. Later the Trailer for Feelings & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 2 is released.