Farah's Style
Format Reality television,
Created by Jonathan Murray
Starring TBA
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 16
Producer(s) Bunim/Murray Productions
Running time 60 minutes (including commercials)
Original channel Oxygen Network
Original run TBA – TBA


A documentary series titled Farah's Style is a Spin-off of Bad Girls Club It follows Bad Girls Club: Boston cast member Farah Garsole as she is getting ready to start her new career in the Fashion world.


Farah Garsole (season 1 - present)

Sam Garsole (season 1 - 2)

Peter Clink (season 1 - present)

Bob Carton (season 2 - 3)

Debra Garsole (season 2 - present)

Tiffany Garsole(season 3 - present)

Cast historyEdit

Main Season 1Season 2Season 3
Farah Garsole Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
Sam Garsole Green tickY Green tickYRed XN
Peter Clink Green tickY Green tickYGreen tickY
Bob Carton Red XN Green tickYRed XN
Debra Garsole Red XN Green tickYGreen tickY
Tiffany GarsoleRed XN Red XNGreen tickY

Series overviewEdit

Seasons Episodes
1 8 Chicago, Illinois
2 8 Chicago, Illinois
3 10 Chicago, Illinois

Season 1Edit

Episode # Title Short Summary
1 Grand Opening Farah and Her sister Sam and there Gay friend Peter all get ready for there Opening of there Fashion Store in Chicago, Illinois.
2 Its A Fight Thang When The Orders that Farah had flown in from new York dont get there in time for a famous Designer to see them she blames Sam for not going to pick them up and it turns into an argument and Farah Slaps Sam and sam Grabs her hair and they both swing and Peter and security tries to brake it up.
3 Prom Season Peter gets Farah and sam to talk to each other so they can work together when girls come in for there Prom Dresses.
4 Who Knows Fashion Farah Buts heads with her mother on who knows more about fashion so Sam and Peter make them have a quiz to really see who Knows More about it.
5 Ask me Peter and Sam dont Ask Farah can they have a party at the store and she gets mad but they think they should have rights to they are part owners of the store but Farah acts like the boss.
6 Your Fired Farah thinks that she should Fire Peter becuase he has Got to Friendly with not doing work but sam argues him to stay.
7 Gay Pride Farah and Peter are on better terms and sam and Peter and Farah all go to the Gay Pride walk to Support Peter and His Boyfriend.
8 Final Showdown Sam and Farah go at it about a Sale that sam didnt do and Farah has had it with her sister and she Poors Hot Water on Sam in the store and Sam gets up and Punches her in the Face and Farah falls and Sam swings at her and Farah kicks her in the Stomach with her 9 inch heels on and Peter brakes the fight up.

Season 2Edit

Episode # Title Short Summary
1 New Workers Sam and Peter get Farah to hire Peter's Boyfriend Bob and Sam and Farah's mother Debra to work at the store after they are in need of new help.
2 Cars And Dresses The Store is Full and Farah needs Sam to come in on her day off and sam tries to get there and she gets into a car accident and Farah doesnt care she wants her at work.
3 Mother & Child Sam and Debra and Peter and Bob all try to have an intervention to try to help Farah out with the problem of her acting bossy and she gets upset with all of them and Throws Water on all of them and walks out the store
4 Its On Sister Farah thinks that Sam is not working hard enough and she suspends her from the store and Sam starts arguing with her and Farah pushes her and Sam Punches her in the face and Slams her and Debra tries to stop the ladies from fighting and Peter and Bon pull them apart.
5 Married Peter and Bob are getting Married and they want Farah to Make there Suites for the wedding.
6 Fathers Day Debra makes the girls father come to store to see how they are acting and once he finds out how Farah has been acting he stops giving her money every Month whitch could mean that the store could be closed.
7 All For Tv Everyone thinks that Farah is only acting the way she is for tv because when there not filming her and Sam are tye best of friends.
8 Im Done Sam has had it with Farah and the store and she quits and another Member follows her out the door.