Season 8Edit

Bad Bitch Monique want's Jessica out the House so she pack her things and Jessica returns to the House see finds her things so she calls the Police to tell them Monique had touched her Belongings and Filed a report and Monique Touched her things again and as Monique is abut to touch her Jessica snaps and Physical fight occurs between the two ladies and Bad Bitch Caroline is caught in the middle of the smack down and she Filed Police Reports on Both Monique and Jessica.

Season 12Edit

Bad Bitch Kina stated that she wanted to Kill herself after Bad Bitch Tatiana Tortured her and she also made a police report about it.

Season 15Edit

Bad Bitch Morgan was Feeling Bullied and Punked by Bad Bitch Rasheeda so she filed a Police Report against Rasheeda because she was Moving her things and Bad bitch Morgan told Producers that she didn't feel safe with Rasheeda in the house and she also claimed that Rasheeda said she was going to stab her with a knife.

Season 18Edit

Club P.A Daniels Sued Bad Bitch Club over a Fight That happened in there club as two of the girls start Argue and One hit the other and They Wrestled over a Table and Broke Glass.