Bad Bitch Club (Season 12): Las Vegas
Format Reality
Created by Jonathan Murray
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 13
Jonathan Murray
Gil Goldschein
Glenn Carranos
Running time 60 minutes (including commercials)
Bunim/Murray Productions
Original airing TBA
Preceded by Bad Bitch Club (Season 11): Washington
Followed by Bad Bitch Club (Season 13)


Bad Bitch Club (Season 12): Las Vegas was Produced by Bunim/Murray Productions with Kasey Barrett, Claudia Frank and Esther Frank returning as the main producers of the show. Oxygen networks renewed its series "The Bad Girls Club" two months prior the season premiere of season 16. Production of the season 25 began in Los Angeles County, California, similar to season's Casting for season 17 was done by the head-casting Aja Kimura and over twenty other casting directors. Casting began several weeks before the season premiere of season 15 with potential applicants submitting video tape submissions. Applications were due by November 30, 2010.Casting calls, similar to Previous seasons of the Bad Girls Club, began in Los Angeles, California and later other major cities Atlanta, Georgia, Buffalo, New York, Oakland, California, Chicago, Illinois, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


The format remained largely unchanged from previous seasons. A group of seven rebellious women who are between the ages of 21 and 27 moves in a mansion and must try to co-exist with different personalities, lives, race and sexual orientations and above all they must try to adapt to the frequent changes of moods and behaviors of their roommate. The seven "original" bad girls must also hereby all the rules that were given to them prior to moving in such as nophysical violence towards anyone including the producers. The girls must not intrude a "bad girls" production room and must tolerate various interviews in their diary rooms.The girls must also follow normal rules of the country when leaving. the house to go on dates, personal tasks and/or parting. During the show, the girls are put into situations where some must divide the house, create havoc to satisfy oneself, book parties and hook ups in clubs, groceries shopping and they must also juggle everything including their own personal lives. The girls are allowed to contact their families and their personal relationship partners, the girls are given either a laptop or a big screen TV that features a home computer. The girls are also allowed to have frequent visitors to see them. The girls must go through tough situations, such as fights (arguments,spit at, food fights, breaking of personal belongings, and personal attacks), and physical fighting such as physically touching another "bad girl" with intentions of hurting that person, which is what each season of girls have to overcome. The girls are thrown in the house and are there to co-exist and must tolerate everyone in order to "make i" at the end of the season and they accomplish this by staying in the show without being removed due to physical fighting.In some cases, some "bad girls" may wish to leave the show due to court, issues at home, think that they are better than the others or mostly due to the fact that some could not deal with the tensions and stress that some girls were doing to them such as bullying and double tagging a "bad girl". A replacement is usually introduced in the house an episode or two after one bad girl leaves the show or is removed. The "original" bad girls are then seen dominate and stick together to try to intimidate the replacements unless the "newbies" are just like them. Bullying and tag teaming are seen throughout the series of the Bad Girls Club due to making personal friends and having ones back or if a group of girls dislike another they would form a way to make sure that the other girl is gone within a day of bullying. At the end of the show, some girls. change their ways, which is the key of the show to change the girls "bad behaviors" and turn them into role models by placing seven girls of the same behavior with different reasons as being "bad" in one house.“ A Bad Girl knows what she wants and how to get it. She makes her own way, makes her own rules and she makes no apologies. A Bad Girl blazes her own trail and removes obstacles from her path. A Bad Girl fights and forces her way to the top with style and beauty. A Bad Girl Believes in jumping first and looking later. People will love you. People will hate you. Others will secretly wish to be you. A Bad Girl is you. ”

Cast Intro'sEdit

Kina Bitches call me a slut all the time and i look at them like yeah your right i am its true.

Summer No one controls me i do what i want.

Mehgan I love using Guys to get what i want and giving me money i mean like im not about to work at McDonalds.

Tatiana Girls just Tend to Follow me its Just what i do.

Priscilla I love to switch my Clothes and Shoes and for some reason bitches have always hated it.

Ashlynn I Will do anything that makes me feel good im just crazy and Fun

Kirsten I Love to party and if these Hookers in the House cant party move on from me.


Bad Bitch Kina stated that she wanted to Kill herself after Bad Bitch Tatiana Tortured her and she also made a police report about it.


The Bad Bitch Club takes seven individual self-proclaim "Bad girls" who have serious anger problems who move into a luxurious Bachelor pad in Los Angeles who are dealt With numerous camera crew who films every minute of the girls personal life and relationships and their fights with Each Other.

Name Skin Color Location "Bad Girl" nickname Age
Priscilla Grahimina White Concord, New Hampshire "The Swag Barbie" 22
Kirsten Victor White Paris, Kentucky "The Southern Party Girl" 21
Tatiana Dedsen Black Huntington Beach, California "The Rebel Ringleader" 21
Mehgan Danger Black New York City, New York "The New York Hustler" 23
Summer Hunter White Houston, Texas "The Texas Train-Wreck" 23
Kina Tuffson Mixed Farmington, Delaware "The Bed-Hopping Diva" 21
Ashlynn Bailey Black Chicago, Illinois "The Chi-Town Wild Thang" 21

Replacement Bad Girls Edit

In Each season of the Bad Bitch Club one or more girls will be asked to leave the house either from violence Physical fighting or will leave on their own accord which then gives the producers a chance at a new "Bad Girl" who arrives to the house in a Day or two to replace the fellow Bad girl.

Name Skin Color Location "Bad Girl" Nickname Replaced Age
Banesha Wanzo Black Cleveland, Ohio "The Cleveland Hood" Tatiana 22

Reunion FightsEdit

Fights: Episodes For Won:
Tatiana Vs Kina Reunion Part 1 Tatiana
Mehgan Vs Kina Reunion Part 1 Mehgan
Tatiana Vs Kina Round 2 Reunion Part 2 Tatiana
Banesha Vs Kina Reunion Part 2 Banesha
Summer Vs Ashlynn Reunion Part 2 Ashlynn

Duration of cast Edit

Bad Girls Season 12 Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11
Ashlynn Ashlynn Ashlynn Ashlynn Ashlynn Ashlynn Ashlynn Ashlynn Ashlynn Ashlynn Ashlynn Ashlynn
Kina Kina Kina Kina Kina Kina Kina Kina Kina Kina Kina Kina
Mehgan Mehgan Mehgan Mehgan Mehgan Mehgan Mehgan Mehgan Mehgan Mehgan Mehgan Mehgan
Tatiana Tatiana Tatiana Tatiana Tatiana Tatiana Tatiana Tatiana
Summer Summer Summer Summer Summer Summer Summer Summer Summer Summer Summer Summer
Kirsten Kirsten Kirsten Kirsten Kirsten Kirsten Kirsten Kirsten Kirsten Kirsten Kirsten Kirsten
Priscilla Priscilla Priscilla Priscilla Priscilla Priscilla Priscilla Priscilla Priscilla Priscilla Priscilla Priscilla
Banesha Banesha Banesha Banesha Banesha Banesha


Episode Number # Episode title Directed by
1 "Follow Her Bitch" Kasey Barrett, Claudia Frank
This season start off with the Season fight between Kina and Tatiana Then The season starts with 7 bad new bitches who are ready to take over the land of Vegas. later after all the girls meet Mehgan and Ashlynn and Summer all seem to cling under Tatiana and Priscilla thinks that there her Followers already and Kina just starts dancing with random guys pulling her Bra and Panties off at the club and Mehgan and Summer call her a hoe and Kirsten tells her and Kina confronts them and her and Mehgan get into an argument and Kina gets in her face and Mehgan Pushes her and Kina grabs her hair and Mehgan Grabs her hair and they start Fighting and security brake's the fight up and the girls get kicked out the club and The Next day Priscilla has a few Word for Summer and Summer is just not in the Mood So she just Slaps her and Priscilla grabs her hair and they Fall to the Ground and Tatiana and Ashlynn Brake The fight up.
2 "Groups Mean Messing Pictures" Kasey Barrett, Claudia Frank
Tatiana and Ashlynn and Summer and Mehgan all go out for the day shopping and getting there hair done and Nails and Feet done and going to Dinner so while they are out Kina and Kirsten and Priscilla all decide to write on all all of there Pictures so when they get back to the house they all see what went on so Tatiana snaps and starts Yelling at all 3 of the bitches and Kirsten puts her hand up and Tatiana Nearly Brakes it and Priscilla and Kina realize that Tatiana is not wrong bitch to Fuck with. later Summer gets to talk to her son back home.
3 "Pool Pushers" Kasey Barrett, Claudia Frank
Ashlynn hides all of Kina's things and when Kina gets ready to look for them she cant find them she confronts everyone but No one knows were it is and she thinks it was Mehgan so she throws her stuff in the pool and Tatiana stops her because she Knows Mehagn didn't do it so Summer runs and goes and tell her and Mehgan goes down stairs and she just Snatches her up and knocks Kina in the Pool and Tatiana stops her before it goes to far.
4 "Hello Kitty" Kasey Barrett, Claudia Frank
Kirsten wants the House to Get along so she throws a a sexy Kitty Party so Priscilla and Summer and Tatiana and Mehgan and Ashlynn and Kina all try to get along and Summer and Kirsten get really close but Priscilla thinks that its a plan to brake up there crew.
5 "Break-Up and Beatdown" Kasey Barrett, Claudia Frank
Summer and Kirsten go on a double date with guys they met at the club and Tatiana is feeling that Summer is turning into a flake on there team. Later Kina calls Tatiana's Boyfriend and tells him that she was dancing on guys and he calls Tatiana and he starts yelling at her and he brake sup with after 6 years of being together so Tatiana goes in Kina's face and start Dogging her the Tatiana and Mehgan and Ashlynn all pack Kina's Things and sit them outside and Kina just sits there Looking like she wants to cry.
6 "A Jail Ass Whooping" Kasey Barrett, Claudia Frank
Kina tells Priscilla and Kirsten that she regret calling Tatiana's boyfriend because Tatiana is putting her threw to much Torture and she is making her feel like killing herself and she files a police report on her when she gets back home and Kirsten and Priscilla tell her to stop being a punk so Kina goes into Tatiana's Face and tries to Explain to her but Tatiana doesn't want to here but Kina doesn't get out her face so Tatiana just Socks her in the Face and Kina grabs her hair and Tatiana is just Punching and Punching Kina all in her face and neck and Head and she drops Kina and she Stomps her in the face and security Gets her off and Tatiana gets loose and pulls her hair Knocking her to the ground again and Tatiana is sent Packing plus spending 4 days in Vegas Jail before she goes home.
Note(s):      Tatiana is removed from the house.
7 "The New Hood" Kasey Barrett, Claudia Frank
A New Girl Banesha comes to House and she makes it Known that she is from the Hood and she quickly becomes the new Leader of Ashlynn and Mehgan but Summer brakes away from the other girls and Joins Kirsten and Priscilla and Kina and Ashlynn thinks she is a punk ass bitch for that.
Note(s):      Banesha Becomes a Replacement.
8 "Tension Talks" Kasey Barrett, Claudia Frank
Summer is feeling that there is a lot of Tension in the House from the other girls and she feels that its Pointed at her so she sits down to talk to Mehgan and Ashlynn but its seems that Ashlynn just wants to argue so summer just walks away and ashlynn tells Banesha that summer was scared she was go get her ass beat.
9 "Bahamas Girls" Kasey Barrett, Claudia Frank
The girls go to the Bahamas for a little get away vacation from the house but its seems that Drama follows them no matter were they go.
10 "Back To Fighting" Kasey Barrett, Claudia Frank
Ashlynn is so happy that there back home because is is about to Punk Summer out the House so while summer is trying to Bring her bags in the House Ashlynn takes them back out so Summer grabbed her bag and Ashlynn just Punched her in the Face and Summer grabs her hair and Ashlynn slings her over to the floor and Mehgan and Kirsten stop the fight. and Ashlynn is sent Home.
Note(s):      Ashlynn is removed from the house.
11 "Party Girls" Kasey Barrett, Claudia Frank
Banesha Party with all her new roommates and she makes the house get closer and start Having Fun with each other they all go striking threw Vegas and they all go Gambling.later The girls go to there Photo shoot and Tatiana makes it known to Kina that she is getting an ass beating at the Reunion. later after everyone comes back home the girls all get packed up as they can leave the house.